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CD: The Blewdle

 The Tommy Tomato Songbook CD Mike’s second album of children’s songs is called The Blewdle. Released in the summer of 2012 it’s now available from this website. Eighteen original tracks road tested for fun and singability in the primary schools of Brighton.
You’ll be hooked, from the excitement of the opening song, Rocket To Mars, to the dreamy Sailor’s Lullaby; from the lyrical Don’t Forget to the pongy Cheesey Feet. Played by a fantastic band this is the perfect singalong album for the classroom or car. Grown-ups love it too!

There are a couple of sample songs for you to listen to highlighted in the track listing below.


'If you'd like sheet music for any of The Blewdle songs please email Mike at
Press Reviews

‘Songs that children will want to sing often’

          Mike Reinstein’s CD of 18 new songs for primary children is an attractive offering. It has excellent instrumentals and fine vocals, used in the service of numbers that pick up on children’s interests, experiences and imagination. The musical style draws on the best of old-fashioned folk-rock and rhythm and blues, from the zestful Rocket To Mars with its echo of Twist and Shout , to the jauntiness of lines like ‘Once I was smaller than a cornflake’ and the irresistibly catchy hens’ chorus in Cluck-Cluck Sha-Boogie. There is Latin-American comedy in Velcro Tango – all teachers will recognise themselves in the plaintive question ‘Who is making that noise?’
          There are other moods too – a compassionate plea not to hate the wolf in fairy tales, a poignant recognition in a harvest song that ‘somewhere in the world the bowls are empty’ or a gentle reassurance in Sailor’s Lullaby that ‘I’m far from the harbour but I’m safe on the sea’. Humour is never far away. Spooky Sprechstimme intrudes into the Hallowe’en song Boo, and Cheesey Feet (‘They smell like mouldy Wensleydale’) has a racy touch of Kurt Weill. These are songs that children will want to sing often.

Music Teacher Magazine. January 2013

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' The 18 songs on this CD have infectious lyrics and catchy tunes - teachers and children alike will find themselves singing along to Cheesey Feet and The Velcro Tango. Songs like these are just for fun, enabling children of all abilities and ages to join in together, giving assemblies a warm and friendly start...The range of ideas and moods explored make this a valuable resource for any classroom.'

Primary Teacher Update. November 2012


There are many delightful images which I'm sure would have the kids chuckling - like Monster Feet and the title song The Blewdle. I can imagine the youngsters reaction to Dinosaur and Boo!  - great fun! I could also envisage the songs being used as part of projects on certain topics...What purpose does the CD serve? Well, as Mike says, it could be played in the car. Actually it deserves wider exposure than that. And kids might say to their parents, 'Please play these songs - we learnt them in school today'.
Colin Andrews. What's Afoot. The Magazine of Devon Folk. Winter 2012/13


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If you’d like sheet music for any of The Blewdle songs please email Mike at

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