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Mike Reinstein

Singer, songwriter, guitarist


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CD: Wobbly Tooth

 Wobbly Tooth Mike's new album of children's songs is called Wobbly Tooth. Released in June 2019, it's now available from this website. Twelve original tracks played by Mike and the incomparable Summer Daysies - Ali Gavan, Reina James-Reinstein and Ray Knight. Sing along to Benjamin the Rat, Brand New Year, Zairy The Very Scary Fairy and Sir Cedric Simple. Perfect for the classroom or to help make those long car journeys fly by! Have a listen to the title track below...

Buy Wobbly Tooth £10 plus £1.50p postage and packing in the UK
UK delivery: 10+ 1.50 p&p
Europe: 10+ 2.70 p&p
Rest Of The World: 10+ 3.40 p&p

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Mike Reinstein: acoustic guitar, ukelele, vocals
Ali Gavan: drums, bass, electric guitar, vocals
Reina James Reinstein: keyboards, vocal arrangements, vocals
Ray Knight: harmonica

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